April 13, 2014

Any questions?

So i've finally given up with 'Formspring', which hasn't seemed to be working properly for ages.

i've installed a new 'questions' widget in the sidebar, which connects to 'ask.fm'. i'm hoping that it will work out like the old 'formspring' one did. Please try it out, ask any questions you want me to answer, and feedback to me on how easy it is to use.

Oh, and if you've asked me a question via 'formspring' which i haven't answered yet, i probably no longer have access to it, so please ask me again!

Thanks everyone :)

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April 12, 2014


Not sure that's the right title for this blog post, but i'm tired and can't think of a better one right now, so it's going to have to do.

i debated about writing this post, due to the possible negative reactions from some readers, but i decided in the end that i want it recorded here. And if some people do have some criticisms and comments to make, then that's fine.

This post is about me 'educating' others, with regards to William and children like him. Earlier in the week, myself and JJ (our nanny) took all 5 kidlets to the local leisure centre to access some of the holiday activities there. Afterwards we went to the cafe to have a drink and i queued up to get them whilst JJ supervised the kids at the table. i noticed a small group of teenagers (17/18 years old i'm guessing) at a table looking over at William, sniggering and making 'retard' comments about him as he was doing some of his 'stimming' stuff. On the way back with the drinks, i passed by their table and decided on the spur of the moment to stop and say something. It went something like this:

me: "Do you girls plan on having children one day?"

teen 1: "Umm yeah I do....."

me: "Then i hope for their sake that they are born perfectly healthy and not with any special needs at all, judging by your reaction to that little boy over there."

teen 1: "......."

me: "And are any of you driving yet?"

teen 2: "Yes, I am."

me: "Then i hope that you don't go the way some young men do and end up in a serious car accident. Because those can cause head injuries and brain damage and i would hate for any of you to be shunned by your friends because they would then consider you a 'retard'."

teen 2: "......."

me: "By the way, that little boy over there happens to be my son. He was born with a condition which means he has over 5o areas of damaged brain, which leaves him with severe physical and mental disabilities. Yet he faces the world with so much courage and determination and i am so proud to be his mother. i wonder how proud your mothers would be of you right now?"

Then i walked away to their mumbled apologies and shamed faces. i heard them discussing my comments for a while after, though it was difficult to hear everything they said, but i did catch them having a serious discussion about car accidents and how one of the girls knew of someone who had ended up with brain damage after driving his car into a tree. So some of what i said seemed to hit home and perhaps they will think a little more in future before laughing at people with disabilities?

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March 16, 2014

A different person

In my last post an old friend from the chatroom left a comment, saying how i am a very different person to who i was when i first started going there. Which is completely true, and it's made me think about things over the past week or so, and helped bring me out of the little 'hibernation' phase i was in.
i am a different person to who i was when i first met Sir, when i first started this blog and when i first went into the chatroom. And you know what? i believe that i am a better person than back then, in every aspect - my 'vanilla' life as a mum and wife as well as my M/s life as a slave.
Back then i was pretty naive about many things, and i was also quite unsure of myself, lacking in confidence, doubting my capabilities, shy and nervous and very dependent on the views of others. Now i am a much more rounded person, more confident in myself and what i can accomplish, more accepting of who i am and how i look, more willing to have a go and try my best, more able to deal with problems and challenges and get through them. i know who and what i am and i'm pretty proud of the life i have with my children and my Sir. And i also feel content. Satisfied with what i have and where i've come to in my life, and looking forward to the years ahead.
So yes, although i miss some aspects of the old me (like the opportunities to be more overt in my slavery), i'm glad i'm a different person to back then and i wouldn't go back and swap the life i have now for the one i had then for anything. Roll on Spring and the rest of this year :)

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February 23, 2014

Pause for thought

Windows Media Player Pause Button by mightyman - Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player, Windows Media Player Button, audio, clip art, clipart, pause, sound, video, i've decided to take a short break from the online chatroom i visit - just for a week or two while i figure a few things out in my head.

i'm fine, btw - just got some things to think about.

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February 17, 2014

Thanks a million!

Sometime in the last few days, the little counter tracking the number of views of my blog ticked over the 1,ooo,ooo mark!!

It seems quite unbelievable to me that so many people have visited here to read my humble little writings, especially now that they are less about M/s and more about babies and housework and all that mundane stuff. But i guess people want to know what a real-life M/s relationship looks like when combined with children, keeping the house clean and paying the bills, so they keep coming back!

In many ways myself, and therefore this blog, are completely different now to how we were on 20th August 2006, when i published my first post, 2 weeks before i was collared by Sir. i have come a long way in my understanding of myself as a submissive/slave and also in the life that i lead, since then. i feel that i am a much more confident, content, well-rounded person and much of that is due to my relationship with Sir and discovering/developing my innate submissive side. Though i do miss elements of my 'old' submissive life, when we had much more time to 'play', train and focus on rules and rituals, i am very lucky to have the life i now lead and wouldn't swap it for the world. It just means that our M/s dynamic plays itself out in a slightly different form, and is more subtle and interwoven into every aspect of our daily lives.

Thank-you to everyone who has read and commented along the way. It has been quite a journey and i feel that having this blog has helped me to reflect on my progress, struggles and development in a way that wouldn't have been possible otherwise. It is always fun to look back on past posts and see how far i have come since then and how much things have changed for me since i wrote them. i have no intention of giving up this blog anytime soon, although i don't have time to post as frequently as i did in the beginning. i hope that my readers will continue to enjoy coming here, commenting, sending emails, etc.

If there is anything you would like to see on this blog, features in the sidebar, posts you want me to write, questions answered, any suggestions you have, please add them in the comments and i will see what i can do. Otherwise, thanks a million for helping to make this blog a success :)

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February 16, 2014

Happy Valentines/Birthday

Yesterday, Sir and i celebrated His birthday (11th Feb) and Valentines' Day, with the 3 eldest kidlets safely out of the house with their grandparents and our nanny, and the 2 newest 'bitties' taking a nap.

We started the day, as is traditional, with me making a special breakfast for Sir - this year i made heart-shaped poached eggs on toast, which were very scrummy. Then we used the jacuzzi together for the first time (i wasn't allowed to use it while i was pregnant or recovering from giving birth, so opportunities have been limited) and Sir *ahem* used me while using the jacuzzi!

We exchanged cards and presents (not allowed to say what i got Sir, but i got some lovely flowers, some of my favourite chocolates and some lingerie for Valentines - thanks Sir!). And then we had a 'picnic' style romantic lunch, which we ended up eating on a blanket on the lounge floor, with the babies in their swings next to us, as it was too cold to eat in the garden!

i know some M/s dynamics don't include romance, presents, Valentines' etc. and there's certainly nothing to obligate Sir to participate in such occasions. But i feel lucky that He wants to and chooses to, and that i get to be pampered and spoilt and appreciated as well as treated as His slave.

Happy Valentines' to all those who celebrate it and a very Happy Birthday to my Sir :)

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February 12, 2014

Can you believe it??!!

Abe’s Piedro boots, 30000 miles, one owner.Guess what happened today?????

William learnt to walk, just holding onto an adult's arm for balance and support!!! Before he had to be using his special walker at school, which has a seat part where he can sit down and take some of his weight when he gets tired. But today he had a physio review and they tried him out without the walker and he has built up so much strength and confidence using it that he was happy to take several steps weight-bearing through his legs and just holding onto someone to keep his balance!!! It's sooooo amazing and wonderful, i can't quite believe it!! :)

Of course, we've been practising this afternoon at home and already he is walking longer and longer distances before he stops and already i think he is holding onto me a little less tightly. So the physio says it will just be a case of building up his confidence and then he should be able to walk completely independently. Which would be absolutely fantastic!!

So sooo proud of my little bean :) What a wonderful day!!

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February 07, 2014

Bumps in the road

Road humps in Islington
Although i am still feeling really happy and contented and 'complete' since giving birth to Katelyn and Oliver, that's not to say that everything has been plain sailing. Last week and this week i have been struggling with a few things, which i thought would be worth sharing here.

We started our new clubs 'regime' and on the whole it has been going well. It has been good to get out of the house with Katelyn and Oliver, start introducing them to new places and people and experiences and meet other mums to chat to. But for some reason i have been finding it  much harder to get myself, the babies and everything we need organised so that we can make it to the clubs on time, than i ever remember with Finn and William. i have resisted the temptation to be too hard on myself about this, figuring it will just take time and i do have more things to juggle now with 5 kidlets than i did back then, but as the boys are out of the house until 12:30 (William) or at least 5:00 (Finn) i can't really see why i should be finding it so hard. But we have managed to make it to some clubs so far, so a decent start. Another issue with the clubs is working out which of us (me, JJ or Sir) will take, collect and supervise/help each kidlet at each club - with the exception of Poppy who goes to after-school clubs, so just needs collecting. Finn and William both need transporting to their clubs and looking after/assisting whilst at them, then bringing home and often we have multiple kidlets at different clubs at the same time - in different places, starting and finishing at different times. So it is a bit of a logistical puzzle to figure out, but so far we have been doing pretty well with this, with the help of JJ who has been great at supporting us. It helps that Finn's nursery is flexible on what time we collect him, as we pay for the hours we use (minus 3 hours each day he gets for free), so often JJ or Sir can pick Finn up and then go and collect another child from their club. A couple of times Finn or William have had a meltdown at their clubs, meaning they needed to leave early which has caused a few issues, but otherwise we are managing well and all of the kidlets are benefiting from these activities. i just wish i could be there to watch them all take part, but i figure as the babies get older, that may well be a possibility.

me and the babies went to the doctor for our 6 weeks' check-up this week and it went very well. Both babies are doing fine, passed the tests with flying colours and have put on a good amount of weight - Ollie is actually heavier then Katelyn now, which is the reverse of when they were born, but the doctor said this is nothing to worry about, he just enjoys his food too much! i have healed fine from the birth and was given the all-clear to resume gentle exercise, swim, use the jacuzzi, etc. (And of course to start having sex again! i was really nervous about this, but Sir decided to 'bite the bullet' as it were and not give me too much time to think about it and in the end it was fine, though i kept expecting it to hurt for some reason (prolly because i had stitches this time). Now that we have done it once, i am completely relaxed and looking forward to being used lots more by Sir in future, when we get chance!). So i have been enjoying using the pool and jacuzzi this week and want to start horse-riding again soon, if possible.

Now that things are starting to settle into a routine with the new little ones (or 'bitties' as someone very cutely called them the other day) i find my slave side emerging more and more, needing to be fulfilled. It just seems like such a long time since i was able to properly by Sir's slave, and i know that having kids will change that in lots of ways, but i can't help yearning for more of a 'full-on' slave role. i don't really know what it is that i'm missing or needing - perhaps more training, more 'play', more rules and rituals, more routines, more structure? i have been popping into the chatrooms when i can to catch up with friends, but mainly because this gives me an outlet, somewhere i am with like-minded people and can use the protocols and language which fit who i am (albeit virtually) and act towards others in a submissive manner and have others accept me for who i am and acknowledge that important side of me. i'm not meaning to be at all critical of Sir here, as He is so fantastic as my Master and a great Daddy to all the kidlets, and He has a lot of demands and pressures on Him - it's just circumstances that are making me feel like this. And it isn't a huge problem, i'm not depressed or down about it, just feeling the 'itch' and not being able to do much about it. But i am hopeful that as the babies grow, we will be able to get back into our 'groove' somewhat and find some inventive ways to fulfil the M/s side of our relationship.

The other 'bump' which has occurred this week is that first Finn, then Ollie and now William have come down with a vomiting bug. Luckily the being sick only lasts for a few hours, but they have all been really wiped out with it and i was concerned for a while about the lack of feeding Ollie was doing, but he is getting back on track now. Just hoping that no-one else in the family goes down with it, as it has meant lots of extra washing and work this week caring for all the sick ones as well as the rest of the family.

Other than that, i hope everyone is well and looking forward to the weekend - i am looking forward to celebrating Sir's birthday and Valentine's Day next week and hopefully to some smoother travelling along our 'road' in the near future.

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January 18, 2014

New clubs routine

So we've been busy doing lots of research to find out about clubs and activities which might be suitable for all of our kidlets, inclucing me and the babies.
We wanted to get some sensory/ music/ activity clubs during the day for me and the babies to take part in - to get us out of the house, meeting other mummies and babies and also to help me start working off the remains of my mummy tummy.
We've also been looking at which after-school clubs to send Poppy to, as she would go to all of them if we let her! She absolutely loves so many sports, crafts and activities and it's lovely for her to get some extra time to spend with her friends after school, as we are unable to have any of her friends over to our house right now, due to the needs of the boys and the new babies. We think we've balanced out this need, with not sending her to too many and making her worn out, but we'll keep an eye on it and see.
Finn is a very active young man, as i'm sure you've realised, so he needs plenty of physically active clubs which are also willing to cater for his special needs. i've been busy phoning around and have found several that sound great for him, that are willing to cater for his ADHD (several will provide him with a 'buddy' to help him out and keep him on track). So we're going to start trying them out this week.
For William, we've decided to completely revamp his current activity schedule, and start incorporating some professionally-run clubs and activities as well as the ones we provide at home - to give him a wider range of experiences and help him to meet some new people. We've decided to still keep several of his current activities and he's still going to be working with his ABA therapist, osteopath, etc. but on a slightly reduced schedule.
Anyway, enough babbling; here's our proposed schedule (which we can only do with our nanny's help, plus my parents' take/collect the 3 older kidlets to clubs on Sunday mornings and then spend the afternoon with them most weeks):
Monday am: Poppy school, Finn nursery, William school
Monday pm: Poppy school, Finn nursery, William yoga, Katelyn/Oliver baby swim
after school: Poppy football, Finn mini swim
Tuesday am: Poppy school, Finn nursery, William school, Katelyn/Oliver stories&songs club
Tuesday pm: Poppy school, Finn nursery, William ABA session
after school: Finn Kung Fu
Wednesday am: Poppy school, Finn nursery, William school
Wednesday pm: Poppy school, Finn nursery, William sensory group at our house
after school: Poppy French club, Finn trampoline class
Thursday am: Poppy school, Finn nursery, William school
Thursday pm: Poppy school, Finn nursery, Katelyn/Oliver sensory club
after school: William special needs activity club
Friday am: Poppy school, Finn nursery, William school, Katelyn/Oliver baby yoga
Friday pm: Poppy school, Finn nursery, William hydrotherapy
after school: Poppy art club, Finn mini gym
Saturday evening: William osteopathy session
Sunday am: Poppy ballet, Finn/William horse-riding

Thought i would also add the other activities that the boys do each day to support their special needs, as i used to have a link to this in the sidebar but removed it as things changed.

- swims in our pool every day before breakfast
- accesses physical activities at nursery regularly throughout the day
- uses a weighted jacket at nursery when engaged in sit-down learning activities
- has speech therapy at nursery in small sessions every day
- goes on a walk in the woods with Sir as soon as he arrives back from nursery on a Thursday (as Finn does not have a club on this day)
- uses the trampoline and play equipment in the garden every day after dinner
- has a massage and body brushing every day just before bed

- has a body brushing session every day before school
- has a swimming lesson on Mondays at school
- has a speech therapy group session on Tuesdays at school
- has a physiotherapy session on Wednesdays at school
- has a PD lesson on Thursdays at school
- accesses the sensory room and soft play area on Fridays at school
- uses the trampoline and play equipment in the garden on Thursday afternoons
- has a session in our sensory room every day after dinner
- has a massage every day just before bed
- swims in our pool every Saturday and Sunday

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January 12, 2014


That's the word that i would use to describe how i feel at the moment - 'complete'. i feel as if i have everything i ever needed, wanted or hoped for, so my overwhelming emotion ever since having the new babies has been one of peace and contentment.
Without meaning to boast, i do feel that i am pretty lucky - i have found the perfect Master for me and get to live as a slave to fulfill my inner nature, we have 5 wonderful children and feel that our family is complete, we have a great house with plenty of room inside and out and our own pool and jacuzzi, i have the support of friends, family, a nanny and online friends and i get to take part in lots of enjoyable activities with my family.
my life is by no means perfect - if i had the choice i would want to be actively serving Sir in a much more overt manner, spending more time in training and getting more play sessions, but i know it's not possible with such a young family and the compromises which have been made keep me 'ticking over' as a slave for the time being. William and Finn are both quite challenging, exhausting and time-consuming but i have knowledge and experience in that area, plenty of help and support, a great school and nursery for each boy and i wouldn't want them any other way than how they are as i love them dearly. Having newborn twins is tiring and pretty full-on, but i've been there once before with 2 more challenging babies, i know what i'm doing this time around to get everyone settled into a routine, and rather than feel like we got one baby more than we wanted i actually feel like we got a 'bonus' deal and lucked out by having an extra baby this time as well; i love both babies completely and am very happy to have had 2 sets of twins. Ideally, i would like to be able to return to work in the future, as i found it very fulfilling when i had a job of my own - but if it doesn't work out that i will be able to return to a similar job as i had before, then Sir has already mentioned the possibility of setting up a privately-run special needs group at our house, with access to all the resources, equipment and knowledge that we have, which sounds very exciting!
So i am looking forward to the challenges and excitements of the year ahead, starting this week with William's first IEP meeting since getting his Statement. i have been spending lots of time with the babies since they were born 3 weeks ago and feeling very lucky that i am able to spend so much time snuggling them, caring for them and getting to know them in the first very special weeks of life. i am healing well since giving birth and hoping to be given the all-clear at my 6-week check up to resume all kinds of activities! And already we are starting to see some very different personalities emerging in Katelyn and Ollie, so that's very exciting to see how they will develop as they grow so much this year.
i hope everyone else has had a great start to 2014 and that you achieve all you dream of this year.

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January 02, 2014

Hopes for 2014


2014 HeaderSo i'm not going to set actual New Year's resolutions, but i have been thinking about things i want to work on and achieve this year, and also Sir and i have been talking about some of our plans for this year, so i figured i'd share some details here:

- with regards to the new babies, i want to try to breastfeed them exclusively for the first 6 months or so, then see how i feel about carrying on after that. Also i plan to get them involved in some 'mother and babies' clubs, possibly some of those i went to with Poppy and the boys, but maybe some new ones too. Most of all, i want to really enjoy every moment with these babies while they're still little, because this time is precious and i'll never get it back again. We plan for this to be the last time we have new babies in our family, so i'm going to snuggle them close, spend quality time with them, take lots of photos and videos and treasure the chance to get to know my new little beans this year.

- for William, i want to try to get his seizures a bit more under control by talking to his doctors at his yearly review this year and perhaps tweaking his current meds if they agree. i also want to get him even more settled at school, so that he will eat there and drink better there and join in more activities - all of which will show that he is feeling happy in his environment. i plan to use his IEP meeting, which is coming up later this year, to speak to the therapists working with him at school, get copies of his current programmes, and work on the same targets at home. It would be nice to get William weight-bearing better by the end of the year, perhaps even pulling himself to standing or standing independently holding onto something, maybe even taking steps using a walking frame. my greatest hope is that he starts to walk independently this year, but it may be a bit early to push for that yet - we will see. It would also be nice to work on some of William's sensory sensitivities some more this year, to get him to tolerate a wider range of textures and get him eating a wider variety of foods. Overall, my hope for William in 2014 is that he continues to make progress and develop as much as is possible for him, and that he is happy as much of the time as he can be, and doesn't suffer any major health issues. Sir and i have talked about revising William's current therapy schedule at home, as we feel that it isn't working as well as it could do now that he goes to school every morning - more details on that soon.

- for Finn, we would like to get him involved in some clubs and activities this year to try to use up some of his physical energy, provide him with sensory input and boost his self esteem. We have talked about Judo, gymnastics, horse-riding, swimming and trampolining lessons and are currently looking at what is available, what would suit him best and what would fit into our family schedule the most. Apart from that, my hopes for Finn in 2014 are that he learns to control his behavioural outbursts a bit better, learns to cope with his ADHD a bit more, and continues to be his happy, cheery self. Oh, and that his jealousy of Oliver completely resolves.

- for Poppy, i just want her to continue to enjoy her lessons at school, and have as many opportunities to be stretched and extended as possible, without overdoing it and tiring her out. We are looking into which extra clubs and activities to start Poppy on this year, both those offered by her school and by other companies. And i also want to try to spend more 1:1 time with Poppy in 2014 as i am aware that i don't always get the time to do this as much as i would like.

- as a family, we would like to do some new outings and activities together, spend time at home with each other, make full use of our pool and garden, and bond with the new babies. Also Sir and i have talked about going to Center Parcs for a little family holiday in the summer, when the babies are a bit older, and taking our nanny away with us to help us out. Sir is currently looking into whether this will be possible or suitable for us, and if so we will book it up soon. Our other plans include making full use of the vegetable garden to grow more things, learning how to preserve more of the fruit which is grown in our orchard, possible starting to sell the excess produce we have, and possibly hatching some chicks from eggs and keeping a few chickens in the back garden for their eggs.

- with regards to my submission/slavery: i would like to find ways to serve Sir whilst being the mummy of 5 young children with a nanny around, feel more 'balanced' in my life, learn some new skills and start some simple training with Sir as and when we can, and get back on track with the D/s side to our relationship, even if it needs to be somewhat muted at the moment. Sir has talked about incorporating new rituals and routines into my day which keep me reminded of who and what i am, but won't be too overt. So i am feeling hopeful about this aspect of my life in 2014.

- and finally, personally, i would like to learn and develop new crafts and practical skills this year, work on my scrapbooking, do more cooking and baking and jam-making, things like that. i would like to start some gentle exercise as soon as the doctor gives me the OK to do so, gradually work off my mummy tummy and get myself back into shape by the end of the year, make full use of our swimming pool and jacuzzi and enjoy being in our new house. Basically i want to become a country housewife!

i think that's all our major hopes and plans. Please feel free to ask questions and leave comments :)

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January 01, 2014

Looking back

1. What did you do this year that you've never done before?
Hired a nanny, sent William to school, chose to swim topless in public (in a spa), had our own swimming pool.

2. Did you keep your New Year's resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
i don't think i ever got round to making any for this year, but i do plan to make some for 2014 - see next post :)

3. Did anyone close to you give birth this year?
i did - right near the end of the year, and i was so thankful to have them out of me at last!

4. Did anyone close to you die?

5. What countries did you visit this year?
We had a lovely family holiday in France in the summer.

6. What would you like to have in the next year that you lacked this year?
Same answer as last year - more time and more energy! A Statement for Finn would be great, as we have been refused that twice this year and have to wait at least a year (i think) before we can apply again. Also i would like to have more of this feeling of contentment and peace that i have been feeling since the new babies have been born. 

7. What date from this year will remain etched upon your memory and why?
24th July - the day we moved into our new house; 23rd Dec - our new baby twins were born.

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
Giving birth to twins naturally, for the second time, and completing our family. Also i think i have done well to get used to having a nanny in our house, so i am proud of myself for that.

9. Did you suffer illness or injury?
Nothing major - just some issues with my thyroid and iron levels while i was preggie.

10. What did you get really, really, really excited about this year?
Getting pregnant and meeting our new twins.

11. What song will always remind you of this year?
Took me a while to think of this one, but i have chosen 'What does the fox say?' from the viral YouTube video because i remember watching that and singing that lots while i was preggie.

12. Compared to this time last year are you:- happier or sadder? :- richer or poorer? :- thinner or fatter?
happier i think - i've been feeling very contented since giving birth to the twins, like a part of my life is complete and i'm doing what i'm meant to do; prolly poorer (i don't have anything to do with the finances as Sir takes care of it all) - due to paying for a nanny; fatter - as i have a mummy tummy i need to get rid of.

13. What do you wish you'd done more of?
Swimming and using the jacuzzi (not been able to do that while i was preggie - looking forward to spending lots of time in there to destress). Also i would like to have had more opportunities to express my slave side and serve Sir in different ways - i am going to try to be more inventive in finding ways to incorporate service with being a wife and mummy with 5 young children and a nanny in the house in 2014.

14. What do you wish you'd done less of?
Not sure of this one - probably getting stressed and anxious and grumpy.

15. Did you fall in love this year?
i am already in love with my Sir.

16. What was your favourite TV program for the year?
i haven't watched many TV programmes (as usual), but i did enjoy 'I'm a Celebrity', 'Strictly Come Dancing' and the new series of 'The Big Bang Theory'.

17. What was the best book you read this year?
Haven't had time for much reading this year, but i have been reading some craft books and hope to try out some of the projects (in my free time - haha).

18. What was your favourite film of the year?
The second Hunger Games film, and i am also expecting that the second Hobbit film will be great when i get to see it.

19. Who was the best new person you met this year?
Again, some new people from the chatroom.

20. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned for this year?
That i don't need to personally care for all of my children all of the time to be a good mummy to them.

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December 27, 2013

Christmas babies

So i wanted to post an update with information about the twins' birth and how they have been doing since then, and also some details about our Christmas as a family of 7! i still can't believe that i am the mummy of 5 children (plus 1 angel baby), but our house is definitely full of plenty of noise and activity, so i guess it must be true!

Anyway.... i started getting some contractions on the morning of the 22nd, a bit painful but nothing bad and they were still quite spread out. So i pottered about the house, had a bath, rechecked my hospital bag, sent emails and blog posts to let people know this could be it, and then waited. By the afternoon the contractions were getting stronger and gradually closer together, so Sir took the kidlets to my parents' house, as we had arranged and then sat with me until i felt it was time to go to the hospital. i lost my mucus plug and my waters broke at some point that afternoon, but i can't remember exactly when as things are a bit fuzzy in my head. i just remember focusing on getting through each contraction and feeling excited but nervous that the babies were on their way.

We got to the hospital at about 8pm and i was checked and found to be 4cms dilated and progressing fine. And most importantly both babies were fine on the monitoring and not getting distressed at all and Katelyn was in a great position ready to come out. To be honest, i don't really recall much of the next few hours, i was just breathing through the contractions and using my birthing ball and relying on the support of my Sir, who was fantastic as always. i know i was given the all-clear to start pushing at about 12:30am and Katelyn was born at 1:04am on 23rd Dec and i remember looking at her and thinking she was absolutely beautiful and i was so lucky to have this baby, and not only that but there was another one waiting to be born still! i got a bit of snuggle time with Katelyn before my contractions returned and i started pushing for Oliver, and like last time he came out really easily with some hands pressing on my belly to give me something to push against - at 1:13am. i know i was really lucky to be able to give birth to 2 sets of twins naturally, without needing a caesarean, and i am grateful for that, but i was upset to be told that i had a tear that would need a couple of stitches. But now, looking back, i just feel incredibly lucky that i had relatively easy births each time and that my babies were all born fine and did not need any special help or to stay in hospital for any length of time.

Katelyn weighed 6lbs 4oz and Oliver 6lbs, which are both great weights for twins, especially at 37 weeks, so i am proud of that and again so thankful to my Sir who controls all of my food intake while i am pregnant and ensures that i get enough calories as well as enough of each type of food. Both babies scored 9 out of 10 on the Apgar test and were given a clean bill of health and allowed to stay with me without needing to go off for any special care. i was able to breastfeed them about an hour after they were born, and both of them have a really good latch but are completely different in their approach to feeding - Katelyn is a guzzler and drinks as fast as she can and is done within 5-10mins, whereas Oliver likes to take his time and savour his food (drink?) and takes much longer. This has stayed true since - Katelyn is already on a 2 hourly schedule and will feed for approx 10-12 mins and be done, but Oliver is very erratic with his feeding, it can be anywhere from 45mins to 4 hours apart and he takes up to 30mins with each feed. Which has been making things a little tricky, but at the moment i am happy to feed on demand, as each baby needs, though i am trying to get Oliver to tie in with Katelyn's schedule as this would make things so much easier. At the moment, though, he completely refuses to feed if he is not ready to, and will not be put off feeding when he wants to, so i have to just go with it and hope he settles to a more regular schedule soon.

Having said that, Oliver is in all other ways a very easy-going baby - he rarely cries, is not demanding of anything except when he wants to feed, will happily wait his turn if Katelyn goes first with something, is easily soothed by being sung to, will settle himself to sleep once put down in his cot and loves being in his swing or being held by someone. Katelyn is a little different - if she wants something she lets you know about it rather insistently and she is not happy to wait! But she is not too bad to get settled down to sleep, after some rocking in someone's arms, and she is a great sleeper once she is down and can be resettled fairly easily if something does wake her up. Katelyn is definitely the bossy one, she likes to go first with everything and is not at all happy if she has to wait, but we can work on that as she gets older! She too loves to be held and snuggled and rocked and sung to and she is a very contented little girl when in her swing. We have 2 swings in the lounge where we can put the babies to be near us during the day, and 2 Moses baskets in the lounge where they can take a nap. Then at night we have the babies sleeping in a bedside cot in our room, but their nursery is all fitted out with 2 bigger cribs for when they are ready to transfer into there when they are a bit older. i like to have my babies sleeping in with me (but not in my bed) for the first few weeks at least.

i was able to come home from hospital with the babies on the evening of the 24th (Christmas Eve!) after Sir had put the kidlets to bed and left them in the care of JJ. Both Sir and our nanny JJ have been absolutely fantastic since then, with JJ doing extra hours over the Christmas holidays to help out. She has been brilliant so far at taking care of things like the laundry, cleaning, tidying and the cooking/shopping so that Sir and i can focus on looking after our children and she is also great at keeping Poppy, Finn and William amused and safe whilst i am seeing to the babies. She will get them washed and dressed, change nappies, provide them with food and drink, supervise them playing or in the garden, organise activities in the house to keep them amused, generally be a modern-day Mary Poppins. And she is great with the babies too! Sir has also been wonderful, so that all i have to focus on right now is keeping the babies fed, warm and clean. my stitches have been fine so far, just a couple of twinges if i move in the wrong way. i was given some advice on looking after them and helping them to heal from an email friend, so that has been helpful too. i have a check-up with my doctor scheduled early in the new year and i know he will want to talk about birth-control options with me, as i tend to fall pregnant by Sir realllllly easily! But until then i am just enjoying being with my new babies and spending time with the other kidlets over the Christmas holidays, and of course with my wonderful Sir. i feel so incredibly lucky to have such a fantastic Master/husband, live in such a beautiful house and be mummy to 5 such amazing children! i feel that my family is now complete and i have been feeling very content and happy since the babies were born. So it looks like 2014 is going to be a really great year!

Before i finish, i wanted to write a bit about our Christmas as a family of 7. i didn't actually see the kidlets on Christmas Eve because i got home after they were in bed and i didn't want to risk waking them up again (especially not the whirlwind Finn, who was soooooooo excited about Christmas!). So on Christmas morning when we heard Finn calling from his room and Sir went to get him and William, and Poppy wandered through at about the same time (it may sound awful but we have to secure Finn into his room at night using a door security chain, so that he can't wreck the house but we can still check on him and get inside easily) it was a surprise to all 3 kidlets to find Mummy home. After lots of hugs and kisses, and some excited jumping and rolling from Finn, suddenly one of the babies made a noise in their cot and the kidlets then realised that the babies were there too, and Finn was absolutely beside himself with joy - bless him. "Sannie bring da babies!!" and he is now convinced that they were brought by Santa Claus on the night of Christmas Eve, just as all the other presents were. Poppy i think has more idea of where they really came from, but she was just pleased to have Mummy home for Christmas and the new babies here at last, and she hasn't stopped chatting and singing to them since. She is very pleased to have a sister, but can't wait for her to grow a bit so they can do girly things together, and she is a good helper when i need her to fetch something for me. Finn's first question was whether each baby has a "dilly or frilly" (in other words boy or girl bits) and we ended up having to show him as he was quite insistent in knowing. Once he had seen, he seemed satisfied that he had indeed got 1 brother and 1 sister as we had told him, and then attention turned to the presents and we watched (or helped) as the kidlets opened up their presents from their Santa sacks and we also opened a couple of presents from Katelyn and Oliver's stockings that we got for them just incase they had arrived before the big day.

After breakfast, it was time for more present-opening and all the kidlets seemed pleased with what they had got. For their main presents we got Poppy a kiddie laptop of her own, as she is always using mine and it will be useful for her school work, we got Finn a 'police' go-kart, but one you have to pedal yourself as he would be dangerous with a powered one, and for William we got a hammock swing for the playroom as he has outgrown his baby one and loves the swinging motion. i was very lucky with the presents i got, as always, and while i am very grateful for what i got i am not going to post about them here as Christmas was about being with my babies and my kidlets this year. Sir cooked the Christmas dinner for us, and it was delicious with plenty to go round (and Finn actually enjoyed the sprouts this year and did not throw them at the wall!) - we are still finishing up the leftover turkey now; i think Sir is making a turkey curry for later. For the rest of Christmas Day we watched the kidlets playing with their toys, watched some TV and a DVD together, ate far too much and just generally enjoyed being together and getting used to the new additions to our family. The kidlets have been great with the babies so far - very gentle and patient (well William has been pretty much oblivious to be honest, but no negative reaction so that's good), except that Finn seems to be developing a jealous streak towards Oliver when he is feeding or being held by me. Finn suddenly becomes very demanding and must have my attention immediately during those times and tries every trick in the book to get me to put Oliver down and come and see to him (Finn) instead. i'm doing my best to work around it and give Finn plenty of attention at other times, but so far he still seems jealous (he even asked if he could nurse this morning), so we'll see how it goes.

i think that's all for now - i've actually written this post in 3 sittings in between feeding the babies - but i'm glad i've been able to post an update. Tribbit isn't working for new pages for some reason, so i'm trying a different site which i hope will work out ok. The link is below if you want to see a photo of Katelyn and Oliver and please leave comments:


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December 23, 2013

Safe and Sound

libby asked me to let her blog readers know that the babies arrived this morning, at 1:04am and 1:13am, via a natural delivery. Katelyn was born first weighing 6lbs and 4oz, and Oliver second, weighing 6lbs. Mum and babies are doing well - though libby was not too happy about needing a couple of stitches - and expected to come home sometime tomorrow. We will be creating a Tribbit site, as with our other babies, where people can see a photo and leave comments.

libby and Myself wish all her blog readers a very Happy Christmas.


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December 22, 2013

Sooooooo things may finally be happening......

newborn baby twins.... i have been getting some contractions on/off all morning. They're not really painful yet and not lasting very long or very frequent, but it's a sign that my babies may be on the way if my last 2 births are anything to go by. i haven't lost my mucus plug or had my waters break yet, but am hopeful that the contractions will progress, those things will happen and i will be going into hospital to have my babies later tonight or perhaps tomorrow, depending on how things go.

Is it silly of me to hope that i can be back home with my babies for Christmas Day? Part of me is just focused on delivering them safely and not worrying about when it happens or how long we have to stay in for afterwards, but i really don't want to give birth on Christmas Day itself (both for my sake and the babies) and i will feel like i have missed out on an important day with the kidlets if i am in hospital for Christmas Day and don't get to see them open their presents or have Christmas dinner with them.

i know there's not much i can do about it, but going by what happened with the birth of Finn and William, a part of me is hoping i can deliver and be discharged back home nice and quick, like before. But i guess we'll just wait and see.

In other news: we took the kidlets to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park recently, and it was great! Finn was relatively calm (for him), which made things easier for Sir, but now he is bigger he wanted to go on lots of the rides, so that kept Sir pretty busy! All 3 kidlets met Father Christmas and told him what they want as presents - Finn had a long list, but at the end he said "and member you bringing da babies" and pointed to my belly! He truly believes that 'Sannie" is going to bring the new babies for Christmas, so i really hope i can make his wish come true.

Poppy played the part of an angel in her Christmas show, and was fantastic at it, remembering all her lines and all the words and actions to the songs. my Mum helped out by making her costume and we have purchased the DVD of the show to keep and treasure. William was a donkey in his school show and was pretty cooperative with going on stage, though he did get a bit restless at one point - it's a special school though, so lots of the kiddies didn't even make it onto the stage and a few were wrestling with their costumes once on there, so everyone understood. William did pretty good with his costume, but wouldn't have the donkey head/hat on as he hates things on his head. Finn was an innkeeper in his nursery show and he was great! He came bursting out of his 'door' when Mary and Joseph knocked on it, delivered his line with enthusiasm and then closed his 'door' so hard that the middle part fell out and he was left standing there in the doorframe! It was hilarious and so typical of my little whirlwind - not that it phased him at all, he just stood there shaking his head at Mary and Joseph until they moved onto the next 'inn'.

Anyway, enough rambling from me. Have a very happy Christmas everyone and i hope to be able to bring news of 2 healthy little babies next time i post on here :)


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December 02, 2013


Didn't mean to worry anyone by not replying to emails or posting on here for a while.
Been finding the last couple of months of my pregnancy tough going - physically, mentally and emotionally. i just want these babies out now and for me to be able to have my body back. But everything is fine with the bump sprouts, they are growing really well and all the scans look good.

Might be back to post more soon if i can summon the energy. Thanks for all the good thoughts.


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October 30, 2013

Hurricane St Jude

Just a quick update on the hurricane which happened here in the UK on Monday.

We are all fine, no damage to our house/property, no injuries, not even much inconvenience to us in the end.

Sir worked from home that day as He wasn't sure how safe or easy it would be to get to work. He was up early to watch the storm and check it didn't pose any danger to us, but although there were some strong winds, it didn't seem as bad where we were as predicted, so we just sat and watched the winds blowing around through our patio doors.

Little Finn was very excited about the "hurryhane", but disappointed that nothing went "boom" as he was hoping. Poppy and William weren't too fussed, but annoyed that we had to stay in all day. A couple of trees fell down elsewhere in the village, blocking the roads and all the trains were cancelled for the whole day, but otherwise it was all fine.

i know that elsewhere in the country there were much worse problems, gas explosions, significant damage to houses, cars, railway lines, piers, etc. and 4 people were killed. i also know that in some places there were power cuts and flooding for quite some time. So we got off lightly.

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October 28, 2013

Ultrasound updates

i am now 29 weeks pregnant and continuing to go for scans every 4 weeks, though i think that increases to every 2 weeks after the next scan (at 32 weeks).

So far all the scans have gone well, the babies are growing nicely and there's no signs of any problems with either of them - including the heart issues which led to William being diagnosed while he was still inside me.

Katelyn is a bit bigger than Oliver and she is definitely more wriggly than him - it can be hard for the ultrasound technician to get a good look at her as she moves around so much! When the boys were inside me, they tended to keep to the same sides, but so far these twins haven't done that and have been in different places each time they are scanned. Though i think now they are beginning to run out of room, that could change soon!

At last week's ultrasound scan, Oliver was estimated to be 3lbs 5oz and Katelyn 3lbs 8oz, so they are good weights, especially for twins. i am aiming for 36 weeks minimum to keep them inside me, for their lung development, and then after that they can come out anytime they like, but preferably not Christmas Day! We are going to wrap some presents for them though, incase they are with us for Christmas, so that they are included in the celebrations and the other children see that they are part of our family.

i'm getting to the stage when i just want them out now, as it is becoming increasingly uncomfortable and achey having them inside me and it can be tricky to breathe sometimes when they are pressing upwards and it makes me pee a lot because they also push on my bladder. i am getting backaches, pelvis pains and aches down the sides of my bump, though all of those have been alleviated a bit with a support belt i was given by the physio. i am going to water relaxation classes and pregnancy pilates, both of which are very beneficial and JJ our new nanny is great at massage. Also going for a gentle swim each day seems to help and i have been resting with my feet up as much as possible, which has greatly helped the swelling in my legs and feet to go down.

i find that i have to eat and sleep in short, regular bursts now as i don't have room inside me for big meals anymore and find it hard to get comfy to sleep for long periods. But with the help of JJ and Sir i am lucky to have time in the day to nap. Oh, and no stretch marks so far, which i am very pleased about! Can't think of any more news, but please ask questions if you have any.

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October 20, 2013

New starts

So the beginning of September was a new start for pretty much everyone in our family, with Poppy going into a new class at school (mixed Year 1 and 2, rather than Reception) with a different teacher, Finn starting a new nursery which has a specialist 'speech and language unit' but which we were hoping would also be able to support him with this ADHD and William starting part-time in the nursery of a local special school. Plus our new nanny starting, of course, which i have already posted a bit about.
In the beginning, i found it quite hard to adjust to all these changes and was worried about the effects they might have on the kids, especially William. But now we are coming up to the end of October, things have settled down a lot and i feel able to look back and reflect on these 'new starts' with a more positive mindset. Let's report on each kidlet, one at a time:
Poppy is the easiest child to report on, as she is the most adaptable to change and actually looks forward to new things with excitement. She loves new challenges and sees opportunities, rather than difficulties, everywhere. i try to be more like her and adopt her mindset, but fail, i'm afraid.
Poppy has settled into her new class really well. She loves her new teacher, who is really encouraging the best out of her, academically (she is in the 'gifted and talented' programme and really being stretched this year so that the school can identify her true abilities and work out how best to support her with meeting her potential) and in other areas, such as interests and hobbies. Poppy now attends several clubs each week, at lunchtimes, after school and during 'golden time' on Friday afternoon when different activities are set up for the pupils to choose from if they have completed all their work. She is really thriving and excelling in this school and i am so pleased for her. She has lots of friends, is confident and popular, developing nicely as a person, without getting a big head about how bright she is, has a good mix of work and play (though would go to every single club available if we would let her!) and truly loves school and learning.
So no worries about my little girl!
Finn also approached the start of his new nursery with enthusiasm, though with him i think it's more him not really thinking about it at all, rather than looking forward to the opportunities ahead. Finn never really gets worried about anything, though he does look forward to exciting events such as holidays and Christmas, so has some concept of the future and things about to happen. i think though, with most things, he takes them as they come, and this attitude seems to have served him well so far, so maybe i should try to be a bit more like him rather than fretting over things i can't change!
Finn also settled in well into his new nursery - it is close to Poppy's school so we drop him off and collect him at the same time as Poppy, which means if she is staying late for a club he gets collected from nursery later, but he doesn't seem to mind. The unit he is in has 8 kidlets, all with a recognised speech and language problem/delay (which Finn does have as he is a lazy talker, won't say every word in a sentence, talks about himself in the third person most of the time, mispronounces his words and has set patterns of speech), but most of them also have another condition or special need which the nursery also do their best to support them with. So the speech problem was really the secondary reason we sent him there, as the unit manager told me they are very experienced in helping youngsters with ADHD.
In the beginning, there were the usual problems of Finn being boisterous and overly-enthusiastic about exploring the world, resulting in him pushing children off the top of the slide to see if they would fly, shoving crayons up kids' noses, breaking toys by being too rough with them, etc. But the nursery soon got the measure of him and have devised a daily schedule which doesn't really give him any time at all to get up to mischief. And they have catered for his ADHD by giving him plenty of physical activities and sensory input just prior to expecting him to sit at the table and work on a task (even for a few minutes), so that for the first time in his life, little Finn is actually taking part in 'work' such as letters, numbers, shapes, colours, cutting and sticking and he even painted me an actual picture of him and William rather than a random scribble as he zoomed past the page (the picture is now in pride of place on the fridge)!
It turns out that little Finn is very bright in most areas, though seems to have some difficulty in recognising letters, even though he is trying really hard, so we are going to keep an eye on that. But in all other areas he is making good progress, learning new things and sailing through the curriculum that the nursery usually use, to the point where they are already having to advance him on more quickly than they normally would. Finn also loves going to nursery, asks me everyday "nursy day yesssssssss?" and beams at me when i tell him "yes", though he does also make the most of his weekends and evenings at home. The new swimming pool in our house in particular is helping him to start his days in a calmer manner than before, and he makes full use of the play equipment, trampoline and extra space in the garden to use up some of his boundless energies.
So no concerns about Finn at the moment, either, except for him still being a whirlwind!
William is a bit of a different story, with his starting at nursery a mixed bag. In the beginning he was very unsettled there, would cry when i put him on the bus to be taken to school (he qualifies for free school transport as his school is several miles away) and was reportedly quite unhappy there for most of the morning - alternating between temper tantrums or opting out of everything. He also refused to eat or drink anything whilst there, which is a sign of anxiety with him, and had more than the usual amount of seizures during his mornings at school during the first few weeks.
Which as you can imagine, was very stressful for me as his mother, as well as for William. But we stuck with it, because i knew that one day he is going to have to get used to a school environment, and better to ease him in part-time now. Also i really wanted the extra support he would receive from being in the special school system, so persevered with sending him, even though i knew he was unhappy there. And gradually, little William has started to come around to the idea of being in school every morning. The teacher reports that his tantrums are becoming less often and that he is beginning to show interest in some of the activities and is willing to join in for short periods of time, with help. He is now drinking at school, but still refusing to eat most days, but i am not too worried as he comes home in time for lunch anyway - so this is something to work on for the future when he will attend full-time. The seizures have also lessened, so that he has the 'normal' amount for him, which i think is a big indicator of his stress levels decreasing. And he no longer cries when i put him on the bus every morning, and seems happy when he arrives back home, which makes it so much easier on me.
Most importantly, William is currently being assessed by the staff in the nursery there and will soon have his first IEP with individual targets for him to work on, which we can also support him with at home. And he is also being assessed by the therapists and has had a specialist class chair and standing frame ordered for him to help his posture when sitting and to start working on him gaining strength through his legs ready for him to stand and walk! i'm so pleased that he has access to these services as i know how important it is to start from a young age.
So, after some initial difficulties, little William is now doing much better at his new school, and is not so much of a worry as he was at first. And we are starting to see the potential benefits for him, so i feel like we made the right decision in sending him at this age.
Thanks for reading this far, sorry if some of it came out scrambled due to my baby brain! Will report back from my ultrasound scan this Tuesday :)

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September 22, 2013

A new nanny

So our new nanny has been with us for a few weeks now and i figured it's time to do a blog post on her. Her name is JJ (that's a shortened version of her real name that everyone calls her because her actual name is so hard to pronounce) and she is originally from the Phillippines, though she has been living in this country for many years and is now a British citizen.

JJ is in her late 40's, is not married and does not have children of her own. She has always worked as a housekeeper/nanny and evidently loves her job. She says that she prefers to stay with the same family for many years and this is what has happened in the past, so if it all works out and we want to keep her on, she would be very happy to do so.

JJ has a lovely manner about her. She is friendly and cheerful, great with the kids, very inventive and playful, encouraging and positive, yet won't take any nonsense and is firm but fair and super consistent. She loves cooking, baking, sewing, knitting, crafts, gardening, all practical things like that and so far has done lots of these activities with the kids, which has thrilled Poppy in particular who is very creative herself. JJ has lots of energy, which is a good thing with Finn and she has that knack of having eyes in the back of her head and can supervise without hovering over him and seems to know instinctively when he is up to mischief, which is very useful! She does not have much previous experience of children with such complex special needs as William, but so far she has shown herself willing to learn and has been happy to supervise him, play with him and carry out some of his therapies.

JJ can be very discreet and knows how to fit into a family without taking over the mother's role and without treading on toes. Despite that, is was difficult in the beginning for me to get used to someone else doing some of 'my' jobs, but i have got past that now and can see how much it is benefitting the kids to have her around and how it gives Sir and i more time together and lets me look after the sprouts inside me without getting too exhausted. Also, after the new twins are born i know that most of my time will be spent on caring for them, so it will be extra important to have JJ to make sure that the needs of the rest of our children are still being met. JJ has quickly learnt the way that i do things and has fitted in seemlessly with the routines of the house. She will do her prescribed jobs automatically and efficiently and will ask if she sees something else that needs doing.

JJ is also a naturally caring person and has been taking care of me in my pregnancy as well as looking after the kids and helping with the housework. She has been giving me special Phillippino massages, which are actually really good, once i got past the awkwardness of having to be almost entirely naked for them! Infact i have continued to swim naked even when JJ is in the house, because i figured that if i start restricting what i normally do around her i am going to start resenting her presence, and she genuinely doesn't seem at all bothered by it.

JJ is quite flexible in her working hours, but at the moment she starts at 11am each day to do some of the household stuff before William arrives home at 12:00 from school. Then she will help me with his therapies or taking him to clubs in the afternoon, and will drive me to collect Poppy and Finn from school and nursery at 3:30pm, and help look after all 3 kidlets until Sir arrives home from work. JJ will cook for the children if they are going to eat before us (which is often easier) and a few times she has made a big family dinner for me and Sir to have as well - she loves cooking so this is something she is very willing to do, and she is a fantastic cook! Sir usually gets home just after 6pm and JJ normally stays on for about an hour to help start getting the children prepared for bed, do a last bit of tidying up, that sort of thing. So she normally works 11am-7pm, but on Wednesdays she has the day off if we want her to work on Saturday instead and help us take the kidlets out somewhere for the day or even just help look after them at home.

So far it has been working out well and i feel very grateful for having JJ in our lives (forgot to mention that all the kids love her and respond well to her, especially Finn). i know how lucky i am that we can afford to have a full-time nanny to help, and i wouldn't be coping so well with mt pregnancy without her (not that it feels like i am coping well on some days, but that's another story).

Think i have covered everything nanny-wise, but feel free to ask questions.

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September 21, 2013

Punished preggo

i'm actually feeling in a blogging mood this weekend, which makes a change as i haven't felt the urge to post anything here for a few weeks now. So expect a few update posts from me this weekend about our new house, nanny and how the boys are doing at their new nurseries.

i warn you now, though, that i have a bad case of 'baby brain' at the moment, shown through the fact that i keep forgetting things i am meant to be doing, have lost numerous items recently only for them to be found by Sir, JJ (our new nanny), or even Finn in really obvious places, and this morning went to put a washload on only to find that there was already a load in which i had started 10 mins previously and completely forgotten about! So if parts of this weekend's posts don't make sense, you were warned.....

First i wanted to post about the punishment i received this morning. i still feel kind of ashamed about it, but not as bad as i used to feel after a punishment - i guess i'm getting better at moving on when they're done with, just as Sir does.

The reason i was punished is that recently i have been somewhat neglectful in taking care of Sir's needs, such as not doing His laundry correctly or on time, forgetting to make His lunch for work a couple of times and allowing His favourite grocery items to run out and not replacing them. At first Sir was just reminding me, but then He said it got to the point where i wasn't learning from my mistakes, and pregnant or not, He would have to punish me. Sir waited until the new nanny had taken the kids down to the park this morning with my parents, and then told me the time had come.

i was very nervous because i haven't been punished in a while and i was scared about what kind of punishment Sir could do while i am pregnant. But i should have known that Sir would think about that and do something that was safe yet still unpleasant. He brought out a wartenberg wheel, but one with multiple rows of spikes, not the normal one i am used to, and told me He would be using it on my most sensitive areas whilst lecturing me about all the things i had been forgetting to do recently. So i had to stand still while He used it on my titties, then my pussy and then on the bottoms of my feet. He did it over and over each spot before moving on a tiny bit, covering all areas of my sensitive parts, and it felt like He was pressing in really hard, though there's no marks at all afterwards. It was really hard to stand there and keep still because i am so sensitive at the moment, especially on my aurealoas and my pussy and my feet have always been super sensitive and i hate anything prickly on them.

In some ways the lecturing was worst of all and it made me feel so ashamed that Sir had to tell me off for such basic service needs. But eventually the prickling and the lecturing was over and i was allowed to get some lotion rubbed into my skin. i still feel extra sensitive in those areas now, but like i said no marks are visible, so i don't have to worry about hiding them from the nanny when i go swimming or at my ultrasound and doctor's appointments this week.

Sorry Sir, i will do better in future.

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