April 06, 2010

Current rules

** note: previous versions of my rules can be found here:
general - http://libbysub.blogspot.com/2006/05/rules-general.html
pregnancy - http://libbysub.blogspot.com/2006/05/rules-pregnancy.html
pregnant mummy - http://libbysub.blogspot.com/2006/05/rules-slave-mummy.html **


1) i submit to the will of my Master and i am bound to Him. i accept His authority over me for my purpose is to serve, obey and please my Master. i will work hard to give my Master control and turn my will over to Him. i know this is my duty and i desire to serve and please Him by doing so.
2) i will always show respect for my Master. i will find ways to serve Him and demonstrate my worth. The opportunity to please my Master is very important to me and i will seek out ways to do so. i am allowed no secrets from my Master and i will work hard to welcome this openness of body, mind and soul.
3) If i displease my Master i desire that He inform me so that i can correct my actions. There can be no greater pain or suffering i can feel than when my Master is not pleased with me. i will accept the guidance i need to be put back on track, so that i will be forgiven and once again be pleasing to Him.
4) When i am not in the presence of my Master and i have choices to make, i will decide them to the best of my abilities and within the boundaries and guidance He has established for me. i will try hard to balance the needs of my children with those of my Master. i will find ways to maintain our dynamic without affecting the upbringing of our children, under His guidance.


5) Communication with my Master is one of the most important aspects of my development. i will not hesitate when responding to my Master. i am responsible for all words that i speak and i will always listen with a strong interest to whatever my Master has to say. i will not swear or use bad language, disrespectful words or negative tones of voice.
6) i must be both specific and explicit in my speech. i will give complete and accurate answers to each and every question that my Master asks of me. If i have to answer a request or question negatively i will give a full reason as to why this is.
7) When we are alone i will always address my Master as 'Sir' or 'Master' and respond "yes Sir" to all commands. i will obtain permission to speak by tilting my head to one side and waiting for His verbal "yes libby?". In the presence of our children i will use whatever forms of address seem most appropriate and may speak freely but with respect.
8) i will willingly discuss any issues i have that limit my trust, with my Master. Any feeling of anger, fear or other counter-productive emotion will be expressed to my Master in order that He may find a way to correct these feelings. It is my duty to do so.


9) When we are alone i must ask my Master permission to leave His presence for any reason and i will ask my Master for permission to satisfy whatever need i have before acting on it. This includes getting food or drink, going to the toilet, getting a tissue, etc. In the presence of our children i should not ask permission, but instead should inform my Master of what i plan to do; for example: "i'm just going to get a drink, would You like anything?", thus giving my Master the opportunity to reply "actually could you do this first.....?".
10) Requests must be both specific and detailed: for example i should not ask "Sir may i please go to the bathroom?", but rather "Sir please may i be excused to do a wee on the toilet?".
11) Food such as chocolate, crisps and cakes are treats given at my Master's discretion and i may not request them. my health is important to my Master and i will eat properly. i am allowed to eat as much food as i want at mealtimes, in order to maintain a healthy weight. i am to eat the same food as my Master at mealtimes and a healthy nutritious lunch, but all eating between meals is restricted and dependent on permission from my Master.
12) i may request a 'free talk time' at any time if i feel there is an important need for one. Such requests will usually be granted, although not necessarily straight away.


13) i must always wear sexy clothing of good taste around my Master unless given permission to do otherwise. i am relieved of this requirement whilst my body is recovering from giving birth, but my clothes should be pleasing and attractive to my Master whenever possible. i will gladly accept whatever clothes my Master chooses for me to wear each day.
14) my basic attire in the presence of my Master is a basque, stockings and my collar. When the children are around i am to wear the outfit He selected for me that morning with my necklace ‘collar’. i am not allowed to wear shoes in the house unless specifically instructed to do so.

15) i must remove all of my clothing in the way i have been taught, when my Master commands me to do so. i am to remove my clothes in the following order: top and skirt/dress, basque/bra, stockings. When i remove my clothing from my body it must be folded neatly and placed in a small pile in front of me, just ahead of my feet or my knees.
16) i am to always be naked in bed, except for the first few weeks after giving birth when i am permitted to wear supportive underwear and a T-shirt. i will be allowed to wear a dressing-gown should i need to visit the children in the night.


17) When we are home alone i must always keep the bathroom door fully open when i am in there. In the presence of the children i am permitted to close the door, but not to lock it. i am not allowed to use the toilet seat, but must sit directly onto the toilet itself. If my Master enters the bathroom whilst i am using it, i must continue with what i am doing without feeling ashamed. Nothing about my body is to be hidden from Him, including toilet functions. i must ensure He has an unrestricted view of my actions.
18) my legs, underarms and pussy must be kept completely shaved smooth so that nothing of me is hidden from view. my pussy and ass must be thoroughly washed and of a good aroma at all times. i am required to shave my legs and underarms at least twice each week, but my Master will shave my pussy Himself whenever He has the opportunity to do so. Should this be less than twice a week i am required to make up the shortfall myself. i should apply the moisturising lotion and body powder provided by my Master to my pussy and underarms daily, in order to keep them smooth and free from irritation.
19) i must take a shower every morning, but when i do so i must not take too long. i am to remember that the shower is not for my pleasure or indulgence, but to keep my body clean for my Master. If i take too long i will be disciplined. To remind me of this: when i have finished washing i must rinse my entire body with only cold water for 1 minute on my back, 1 minute on my front and 1 minute on my pussy and ass. i am not to try to cover my body with my arms and hands during this or thereafter. i must then present myself to my Master in the bedroom and may be required to be inspected. i must wait for permission to dry myself.
20) my hair must be washed 3 times every week. i am allowed to request to take a bath in the evenings, and am permitted to take longer in the bath than the shower as this is my opportunity to relax and unwind. i am only to use the products selected for me by my Master, to ensure that my hair and skin are soft and smooth for Him and i smell pleasing to Him. i must use the Vitamin E cream my Master has provided on any areas of my body which are healing, in order to promote this process.


21) i am responsible for the laundry, ironing and tidying in the house, as well as any additional chores which arise between visits from the cleaner. The cooking will be shared between me and my Master, with Him deciding which days He wishes to cook on. my Master will take care of the gardening, car maintenance and DIY tasks, although i may be required to help Him with these.
22) All shopping will be done by both of us, except for 'top-up' shopping which can be done by either of us as convenient. i am allowed to suggest things we buy but the final decision is down to my Master. i am allowed to spend my own money on whatever i wish to, although my Master would prefer me to consult Him when choosing clothes.
23) Dinner should be served as close to 6:00pm as possible, and the bed must be made before 10:00am. All other chores can be done at a time of my own choosing, so long as they do not interfere with other arrangements and duties my Master requires of me.
24) If i am unable to complete my chores for any reason, such as illness or other circumstances, i must explain this to my Master. i must be sure not to over-exert myself in trying to cope with the household chores as well as bringing up our children: in such situations our children always come first and the chores can wait.


25) When my Master returns home from work i must try to be in the hall to greet Him as He enters the house, wait for a touch or verbal acknowledgement, then verbally welcome Him home. On entering a room my Master is in or when He enters a room i am in, i must present myself to Him, in a standing position if He is standing or a kneeling position if He is sitting. In the presence of the children, i am to incline my head slightly to Him instead of ‘presenting’.
26) i must start getting ready for bed by 11:00pm at the latest. i am then to present myself naked, kneeling by the side of the bed and request permission to get in. my Master may require to inspect me before granting this permission. On getting into bed i must first offer my Master my ass for my butt-plug to be inserted (once my body has recovered from giving birth). The first thing i should say to my Master every morning, and the last thing i should say to Him every night, is "i am Yours, Master".

27) i must endeavour to offer my Master a blow-job once every day, at whatever time is convenient to us both; my Master may accept or decline my offer. When giving this blow-job i must pleasure His cock with my mouth and my hands until He cums or instructs me to stop.
28) When a meal is ready i am to ‘present’ myself to my Master and inform Him of this fact. i am then to follow Him to the table, kneeling by His chair until instructed to sit on my own chair and wait for permission to eat. In the presence of the children permission to sit and to eat will take the form of a subtle nod from my Master and i should not kneel.


29) i must always remember how pleased my Master is when i think of myself as sexy and showing off my assets. my behaviour must always display a sexual content, however subtle. When i walk, run, sit, stand, kneel, reach out, speak or listen i will do so in a manner pleasing to my Master, and with confidence and pride. i will try to be as graceful and alluring as possible when moving and in positions, so my Master obtains pleasure from looking at me.
30) i am not to cross my arms or legs, clench my hands closed, firmly shut my mouth or slouch in the house.

31) i will make eye contact with my Master when speaking or when my Master speaks to me, for my eyes are a gift only for my Master, not to be given to the floor or the wall. When i am confused or asking a question i am to tilt my head to one side.
32) When we are alone i must always sit on the floor or on my cushion next to my Master's chair, unless given specific permission to sit on the sofa with my Master or on my chair at the dining table. In the presence of our children i am permitted to use my glider chair and footstool, my chair at the dining table and the sofa, but my Master would appreciate it if i sometimes made the gesture of sitting at His feet or generally on the floor, at those times.


33) i will learn all the positions my Master wants to teach me to the best of my abilities. i will be prepared to take such positions when required and to display myself in a manner through them that He, and others who may be present, will find most pleasing. i know that by using the slave positions i am enabling my Master to better manage and use me. The slave positions will only be required when our children are not present.
34) i am to move into each position in a controlled, graceful manner, being aware of how i look to my Master. i am to remain in each position until given another instruction.
35) At the moment the positions i am required to practice and use are: 'present', 'display','inspection' (breasts, vagina, ass, mouth), 'kneel up', 'surrender', 'rest position', 'spank position', 'whip position', 'follow', 'heel', 'open', 'kneel forward', 'kneel back' and 'supine' (see appendix). my Master will add to these positions as He sees fit. i am to remember that the position for 'present' when ordered by my Master is different to that required when greeting Him or entering a room, etc.
36) i am to close my legs during all positions whilst on my period, to indicate to my Master that my pussy is unavailable at that time. If told to 'present' to another Dom/me i should place my hands palm-down on my thighs to indicate that my pussy and ass are not available for Their sexual use.

Sexual use

37) my entire sexual being now belongs to my Master. i am a sexual and sensual being and my body is to be available for my Master's use at all times. It is my Master's choice as to how to my body will be used to please Him and i fully acknowledge that i no longer have ownership of my sexual being.
38) i must never reach orgasm without explicit permission from my Master; i am not allowed to ask permission to cum, but must wait until my Master tells me to cum and then cum as quickly and as hard as i can for Him. Such pleasure must be seen as a privilege so that i do not take advantage of it. Failure to receive permission before cumming will cause me to endure a punishment my Master will put upon me. i am permitted to cum r/l whilst scening on #P&H.
39) i will never touch my breasts, nipples, pussy or clit with my hands or sex toys in any manner where i could experience sexual or sensual pleasure without permission from my Master. Doing so will also lead to a punishment. Breastfeeding is exempt from this rule.
40) my mouth, pussy and ass will be used as my Master wishes for His pleasure. i will work hard to provide complete pleasure for my Master. When my Master's cock is put into my mouth and i am directed to suck it, i will do so as long as i am required to. my hands shall be placed behind my back so that during the sucking i can use my whole body to display my hunger to my Master, unless i am instructed to use my hands as well as my mouth on His cock. i will not restrict my Master's view of me. my Master's cum must never go to waste. i will swallow His cum as it is a gift to receive it. i will clean His cock with my mouth after He cums, without needing to be told to. When my Master puts His fingers or a toy to my mouth, i must kiss, lick and suck until He removes them/it.


41) i will not hesitate in my obedience to my Master and will respond quickly to all orders given. When told to perform a duty for my Master i will do so without delay or question, unless i do not understand the meaning of the order
42) The needs of my Master must always come first before my own for they offer an opportunity to please Him. i must be attentive to the needs of my Master and always be ready to respond to them to the best of my abilities and in the way He has shown me, bearing in mind the needs of my children too.
43) i will learn my Master's preferences and habits, so i can anticipate and provide for His needs. i am to ensure that He always has a drink next to Him wherever He is in the house, and i am to offer such services as running Him a bath, bringing Him the newspaper and massaging His feet, when i think He may require them.
44) i will be expected to also provide these services for any Dom/me friends my Master invites to the house, unless They bring Their own subs to attend to Their needs or unless the children are present.


45) The safeword given to me by my Master can be spoken at any time, even when i have been told to be silent. my Master does not view a safeword as a limitiation of His authority, but as a means to ensure my safety. Because i am granted a safeword i am expected to correctly use it. i can be punished if i attempt to use it for control or to set limits on my Master's authority; it is a safety device only. If i am gagged or otherwise unable to verbalise my safeword i am required to use the "two grunts" method.
46) my safeword is "red". my Master will always stop immediately when i say this word. i may also, if getting close to my limits, say "yellow". my Master will not necessarily stop at the "yellow" warning, but will judge how to use this information. He may choose to ease off or change activities, but this is solely up to Him. my Master will use the "two squeezes" method with me during scenes when i would find it difficult or distracting to reply to Him verbally; if my Master does not feel me respond after two attempts He will stop the scene to check my well-being more thoroughly.
47)  At the moment my limits are: animals, children, scat, breath play, needles, blood, extreme pain, face-slapping, spitting. i am allowed to add to these limits if necessary, for example if i experience something new and it causes a significant problem for me.
48) my Master will never expect me to have another M/man's cock in my pussy or ass, but He may ask me to be used by other Dom/mes, play with other subs, serve at parties, etc.


49) i will endure whatever discipline or punishment my Master gives me so i can become a better submissive for Him. Details of all discipline and punishments, including photographs, will be kept in 'libby's learning folder'; and a list of all punishments received will be kept on my blog. i will thank my Master for the discipline and punishments i receive, specifying what was received and expressing the reason as to why it was given.
50) my safeword, verbal or otherwise, cannot be used when i am being punished. i must remember that punishment could never be very effective if i were able to control it. i must take it in full measure so that i will focus on the correction of my behaviour for the long term. However safewords can be used when i am being disciplined. my Master will let me know which is which when the time has come that such treatment is necessary to correct my behaviour.
51) i will be punished for breaking any of the rules set out here, any additional rules my Master may later impose, or for wilfully disobeying Him. i can expect punishments to be harsh and painful, but i am assured of my Master's forgiveness as soon as i have endured the punishment allocated. Punishments will be saved until such a time when the children are not present.
52) i will be disciplined if my Master feels i have not done a task to the best of my ability, or for additional matters which arise outside of the rules. Discipline will not be as painful as punishment, but it will serve to remind me to try harder in future. Some forms of discipline, such as restriction of privileges, may be carried out when around the children.


53) i am allowed to remain in contact with my family, friends and work colleagues, through phone calls, emails, letters, having them visit, visiting them and going out with them. i should inform my Master of any visits or arrangements to go out in good time, so my training and other duties can be rearranged if necessary.
54) i am permitted to watch the television and DVDs with my Master in the evenings, and with the children during the day. i am allowed to request to watch specific programmes with my Master which i enjoy.
55) i am allowed access to my laptop, the internet and #bondage chatrooms. i must ensure that my use of the computer does not interfere with my other duties or requirements, and i should bring the laptop to where my Master is if possible, so i can be near Him whilst i am using it. i am allowed to serve other Dom/mes in the chatrooms; my Master would prefer it if i only served in pm those Dom/mes i know well or am sure i can trust. i am required to talk with them about my restrictions and limitations before play. The previous restrictions still apply, such as not giving out any photos or specified information about me or my Master. Part of the conditions for being allowed to retain my computer privileges includes the keeping of an online blog/journal; this should be used to record my thoughts and feelings on a regular basis. i will not be punished for anything i write on my blog.
56) my wages from my job are mine to keep, after contributing to household bills, food money, etc. i am allowed to spend them on whatever i wish to.


57) my Master and i are agreed that we wish to raise our children to be as open-minded and accepting of others' choices as possible, whilst still maintaining their innocence and protecting them from damaging influences. We will not practice our D/s relationship in an overt way in their presence, nor inform them of the type of dynamic we have. Should they ask questions as they get older, we will try to answer these as simply and honestly as we can.
58) my primary responsibility is to my children, then to my Master. Due to their vulnerability, i will consider my children first when making all decisions, but must be ready to explain my reasoning to my Master if required. If certain rules, rituals or other aspects of the relationship need to be altered because of the children, my Master will take care of this.
59) In decisions involving the children and their upbringing, i have an equal say with my Master. This is the only area in which i am afforded an equal voice, all other aspects of my life remain under His control. We will endeavour to provide good role models for our children in the way we relate to each other in their presence.
60) i will find ways in which to incorporate our dynamic in subtle ways into our everyday life, with the children present. my Master accepts that it will be difficult for me to maintain a balance between my roles of mother and slave, and will try to allocate specific times for full D/s interaction in order to make this easier for me.

Appendix - extra rituals whilst my training is scaled down

Shower ritual: i am to put three wooden clothespegs onto each pussy lip before getting into the shower and leave them there until stepping out to dry myself. Should i need to shave my pussy, i am allowed to remove the pegs for this procedure but this should be done at the end of my shower.

Contemplation ritual: at some point every day i am required to set aside 20 minutes when i will not be disturbed to kneel quietly and contemplate the question or quotation my Master has given me that morning. Sometimes i will be required to discuss with my Master the results of my thinking, or to post them onto my blog.

Evening ritual: once the children are in bed i am to strip naked and put on my nipple danglers whilst using the online chatroom. i should stay like this until bedtime, when i can request permission for them to be removed.

Special ritual: on some days my Master will tell me i must complete a special ritual at some point during the course of that day. This requires me to choose one of the following activities:
1. use a ballpoint pen to write the 'i am Your servant' quotation onto the sole of each foot, so that it is legible.
2. place 2 pan scourers between my pussy lips and keep them there for 20 minutes (using panties if necessary).
3. use the muscle stimulator machine on my bottom as my Master has shown me, on setting 4 or 5 for 20 minutes.
4. wear the vibrating nipple clamps with weights for 15 minutes.
5. sit on the front door mat with a bare bottom for 15 minutes.
6. melt 3 icecubes completely, using just my pussy.
i must take photographs of the task and show them to my Master that evening, and i should be prepared to write about it on my blog if instructed. Sometimes my Master will have the choice made for me by rolling a dice in His presence before He goes to work.

Appendix - slave positions

Present: kneeling with thighs wide apart, heels together, ass sitting back on heels, back straight, head up, eyes down, hands resting on top of thighs palm-up.
(without the command): kneeling or standing with legs together, back straight, head bowed, eyes down, hands behind the back with wrists crossed.

Display: kneeling with thighs wide apart, heels together, ass sitting back on heels, back straight, head up, eyes down, hands behind the head with fingers interlaced, elbows out.

Inspection: if not already, move into 'present' position then offer:
- breasts - by cupping fingers under breasts and pushing them upwards, shoulders back
- vagina - by laying on the back, legs apart, knees bent and brought up to the chest, heels resting on the thighs near buttocks, hands grasping the ankles
- ass- by facing away from the Master, legs parted wide, ass pushed up, head and shoulder resting on the floor, hands placed forward of the head with wrists crossed
- mouth - by resuming the 'present' position with mouth opened wide.

Kneel up: kneeling with thighs wide apart, heels together, ass lifted off the heels, back straight, head up, eyes down, hands behind the back with wrists crossed.

Surrender: laying on the front, legs crossed at the ankles, arms above the head and crossed at the wrists, forehead on the floor.

Rest position: sitting on the assigned cushion next to the Master's chair, in a comfortable position which allows the Master an unrestricted view.

Spank position: laying on the front over the Master's lap, ass pushed up, hands and toes on the floor.

Whip position: kneeling with legs a little apart, ass pushed up, head and shoulders on the floor, arms crossed under the breasts.

Follow: walking behind and to the left of the Master, 3 paces back.

Heel: walking behind and to the left of the Master, 1 pace back.

Open: using fingers to pull and hold open a body part specified by the Master, usually pussy or ass.

Kneel forward: from a kneeling position place hands onto floor a little way in front of knees, thumbs and forefingers forming a triangle shape, leaning forward to place forehead into the triangle, ass pushed up, legs shoulder-width apart.

Kneel back: from a kneeling position spread ankles out, lower buttocks to the floor and lean back to laying position with legs bent up to sides, hands palm-down next to calves.

Supine: laying on the back, legs together, hands by sides palm-down.


Sexperts said...

This is lovely. I found your blog on the SubGuide's top blogger list, and enjoy reading your lists and training. Might I ask, did you find your rules template somewhere online? I feel as though I have read very similar rules before...

4:42 p.m.
libby said...

Sir drew up the list of rules, but yes i think He browsed several examples on the internet to give Him the general template which He then modified to suit me/Him.

10:12 a.m.
Vernula said...

I am a male submissive to a girlfriend of some years, and I have found your blog extensively helpful for as long as I've been reading it. I recently showed Ma'am your list of slave positions. She was pleased with my eagerness to serve, and I have since been required to perform all positions different than ones I originally performed. There are, of course, slight modifications here and there as I am a MALE sub lol. However, I would like to thank you for allowing me to please Ma'am further.

8:44 a.m.
Dean said...

My hat's off to your Sir! He was certainly thorough! I must say he inspired me in dealing with my sub. She has been reading your blog extensively and finds it very down to earth and enjoyable.

4:29 a.m.
saffagrl said...

Gosh, this is quite extensive. I'm new to this world, and my master is breaking me in slowly. I am envious of your long list of rules. Can't wait until mine reaches the same girth!

1:23 a.m.
libby said...

thank you for the positive comments about my rules :)
Saffagrl: i have added your blog to my feeds and will consider adding it to my blog list here in the future :)


7:26 a.m.
d7170e02-3cdc-11e1-bd4e-000f20980440 said...

I have just come across your blog and read your rules which I found very interesting. I am not in the "lifestyle" and freely admit the whole scene makes no sense to me. The more I read the less I understand why anyone would let anyone else have such control over them however, I fully recognise that these are your choices. I just don't get why they would be. I am glad to see your children take priority. I have read some blogs where the children's needs take second place to the adults. This frankly appalled me. Anyway thanks for sharing. Yours in bewilderment.

5:49 p.m.
libby said...

thsnk you for your 'live and let live' attitude, even though the lifestyle is not for you and it obviously confuses you! Much better than some of the comments i get on here from those not in the lifestyle.

9:26 a.m.
satinspankings said...

Thank you for the advice! I'm just getting started in the lifestyle and this list of rules has been very helpful. I'm a female submissive with a female Mistress, and I've presented these rules to her. She likes them very much, so thank you for allowing me to please her!


6:29 p.m.
Belladonna said...

Beautifully written, and very helpful as well. My introduction to the lifestyle is new, and my Sir is pleased there is somewhere for me to go, apart from with Him, that makes me acknowledge my need is totally normal, whilst still adjusting to the many new aspects of the lifestyle. Your Sir is a very thoughtful and considerate person. Thank you both.

11:20 p.m.
Belladonna said...

Beautifully written, and well thought out. My introduction to the lifestyle is very new, and my Sir is pleased that there is somewhere, apart from in His presence I can be whilst learning and acknowledging my need as being entirely normal.

11:26 p.m.
Collared Cassaundra said...

I am new to reading your blog, libby, but I really like what I have seen so far. I just recently put a post on my own blog asking people how their BDSM and/or D/s lifestyle meshes once they have kids. I got some great responses, but reading your list of rules really spelled some of it out for me in such a clear fashion! Thanks for posting it!

4:47 p.m.
ceredvyne said...

Thank you libby. my Sir and i are moving our D/s relationship to a 24/7 one. We were having a hard time finding rules that work with little ones in the house!

11:10 p.m.
curious-79 said...

Hi! I'm I guess a lookie-loo. I find the topic of D/s intriguing, but am fairly certain it wouldn't be for me. I'm finding your blog fascinating, and I have a question about one of your rules. I can see the rationale behind most of them, but I'm curious about the toilet seat rule. I could see it being used in discipline, but the standing rule stumps me. Is it a form of continual humiliation training, or just a reminder of your place in the hierarchy? Or is it just one of your Master's preferences that you don't need to know the reason for? Are you allowed to use the toilet seats in public restrooms?

Thanks, and best of luck with your next set of twins!

6:59 p.m.
libby said...

hi curious :)
i think you might be a little confused about the toilet seat rule - not using the seat doesn't mean standing up, but it means lifting the seat up so that i sit on the main part of the toilet itself (unless of course the toilet is designed in such a way that i can't do that - as a few public toilets are - then i would have to hover over it). And yes this rule applies to every toilet that i might use.
i think the reasoning behind this rule is to remind me that as a slave the use of any furniture or household items is a privilege for me - including the toilet.

9:05 a.m.
missi said...

Hi! Just a question about one of your rules, I hope you don't mind me asking.. :) Do you really sleep with a butt-plug every night, all night? I'm just thinking, isn't it a bit risky or something? Did you have to practice to be able to wear it for so long? What kind of lube do you use, and what kind of plug? I'm sorry for being so curious, it's just that this is something that my partner and I have been thinking about doing.. Thank you so much!

12:45 p.m.
libby said...

hi missi,
sorry just saw your questions:
- yes i still sleep with a buttplug in every night (unless there is some health reason for Sir to let me off)
- i suppose it has its risks, but no more so than many of the things we do in BDSM
- yes Sir had me practise to be able to wear it all night - He built it up gradually over time
- it's a medium plug, so not too big, and once it's in i can feel it but it doesn't hurt when i move around
- Sir just uses normal lube on me, sorry can't remember the name, but He uses quite a bit on the plug as well as inside me.

Hope that helps :)

9:28 a.m.
msalternative1 said...

I crave rules, guidelines, requirements, and consequences..I wish my Master was more into setting up boundaries and structure.

I could be a better sub if I knew what the rules are......

I have been trying to help him establish some guidelines, however he has not been as responsive as I had hoped.

2:40 a.m.
Sybrand Swart said...

Very Interesting, and like everything in life there should rules and guidelines and always it should be safety 1st - http://www.naughtycandyz.com/category/44/Bondage

11:47 a.m.