December 02, 2012


No, not me being controlled... this post is about Finn, so if you're looking for juicy BDSM details you might want to skip this post.

Still reading? OK. So you know how Finn is super-hyper, a mini whirlwind of destruction due to his ADHD? Now imagine that unleashed in a supermarket.... scary huh? This post is about a little incident that occured when i was picking up a few things in the supermarket with William and Finn in the week (and i think it shows how i'm not always the sweet little libby that everyone thinks i am!).

Just to set the scene: William is sitting in the child seat on the front of the shopping trolley, Finn is walking next to the trolley wearing his special backpack with a strap attached, which i am holding onto the other end to stop him running off, and i am pushing the trolley, keeping hold of Finn and grabbing the items we need as quickly as possible. Finn is doing his usual, which means he is grabbing things from the shelves, singing, shouting, jumping, rolling, running, trying to climb the shelves, attempting to run off, crawling under the trolley, etc. etc and i am doing my best to keep him under some semblance of control and get the shopping done without anything being broken. Also i have to keep an eye on William because he doesn't like the bright lights of those shops and sometimes they can bring his seizures on if he looks at them too long.

In the midst of all this i become aware of a couple of women in their late 40s/ early 50s staring at us and whispering between themselves. i catch some phrases such as 'can't control him....', 'badly behaved.....' and 'I could show her......'. Then one of them comes over and asks me if i need any help with getting my shopping done, so i smile sweetly and ask her to take charge of Finn for me whilst i finish finding the rest of the items on my list. To be fair, i did tell her that he has ADHD (to which she said "don't half the kids apparently have that nowadays?") and warned her to keep a tight hold on the end of the strap else she would have to chase him all over the store. She then asked me for some items for her and Finn to go and find, so i told her a couple and then stood back to watch the fun begin.

Finn took one look at this woman, judged that he could get away with anything around her and went into super-crazy mood, to which the woman responded with "No, you mustn't do that......" and when that didn't have any effect seemed to have no further ideas of what to do to 'control' him. So Finn is now grabbing items off shelves, trying to rip packets open, climbing up stacks of goods, rolling along the aisles, shouting out the names of any food item he sees, taking items out of other people's baskets and throwing items into other people's trolleys.... while this woman attempts to put everything back where it belongs, whilst apologising to everyone else involved, keep Finn on his feet and look for the items i have asked her to find. i actually found it quite difficult to keep a straight face watching her call out "jam... jam... we need to find the jam" to an out-of-control Finn who couldn't care less about jam at that moment. Then the woman let go of the end of the backpack strap and Finn was off like a rocket with the woman in hot pursuit. Obviously then i was worried because Finn is super-fast and very difficult to catch but luckily i managed to head him off down the next aisle and capture him again before he could do too much damage. Then i thanked the woman for her 'help', grabbed the last couple of items on my list and headed for the tills.

The last thing i heard before we walked away was the woman meeting up with her friend, looking rather frazzled, to say 'goodness me, i don't know how she does it!', which made me grin to myself. Maybe i was a little mean to her, but sometimes there's no other way to show people what my life is like than to give them a little taster for themselves.


mamacrow said...

*stands up and APPLAUDS*

People are only too quick to project their own experience. All children are different!

9:47 p.m.