January 19, 2013

formspring.me #91

So..... i got asked a question on formspring - something about meeting a potential Master for the first time in real-life and He hasn't been in contact since. What should she do?
tricky when i don't know the full circumstances. i would say get in contact with Him and ask! Find out what He thinks about visit, what His plans are for the future of your relationship (or not as the case may be) and take it from there. Infact, the same advice as for a vanilla first meeting if the guy didn't make contact with you after - nothing different about a potential BDSM relationship.

Hi, I enjoy your blog very much. I have some questions. - Are you ever allowed to slouch or must you always sit with your back completely straight at all times? - Is wearing a but plug uncomfortable and why do you only wear it at night? Thank you
i am allowed to slouch when i am relaxing, but then i tend to lay down or snuggle with Sir when He tells me to relax, rather than sit on the furniture. i don't really think about my posture when i'm sitting anymore because it's so natural to me to sit upright now. For the other part of the question: i am used to wearing a buttplug now, though it did take some getting used to in the beginning and i gradually worked up to being able to wear it all night. Occasionally Sir will insert a buttplug during our training or play sessions, but He hasn't required me to have one in during normal daily activities for a long time.

Are you a full time housewife or do you work?
Since having the twins i have been a full-time housewife and mummy, but before Poppy was born i worked in a nursery, running a special needs unit, and i returned to that job after having her. i do miss working sometimes, but my life is so busy with my family that i know it's the right decision for me not to have a job right now.

Are you ever required to sleep in a certain position and keep that position all night?

No, i wouldn't be able to because i move around so much in my sleep. Who can follow rules while they're sleeping?

Does your husband ever treat you like a lady when you are out such as opening doors for you, take you out and make you feel special now and again?
Sure, Sir is very romantic and does lots of things to make me feel special. He will hold doors open for me, help me with my coat, brush my hair for me, paint my toenails, send me to a spa, buy me presents, cook for me, etc. etc. But He does these things because He wants to, not because He feels obligated to by being my husband. That's the good thing about being a slave, i know He does everything He does because He wants to.


wednesday child said...

so nice to hear your musings again libby, i've missed them

9:26 a.m.
descalza said...

Nice answers, nice life :)

9:59 a.m.
Esmeralda Sub said...

Hya Libby,

Ive been reading your blog for ages, and I love it in so many different ways, fellow Essex girl as well : ) I have just started my own blog today and will be posting later


11:24 a.m.
bellex said...

gosh libby, your relationship is freakin awesome! I've been keeping up with your blog since about a year ago, and it's so great to see your family and relationship, and you, grow!

I am 21 and can't really decide if I really DO want to persue a MS relationship. I recently stopped seeing my boyfriend/Sir, but miss him every day, and realize we probably could of worked thru it, but for many reasons I haven't turned back to him (Im pretty sure he'd have me tho).

I guess my point is that I love and admire how your Sir does those many nice things because He wants to! I think that's a great trait! I long for that kind of compassion. And I dont mean it in a greedy way at all, (like "all i want is a sugar daddy", no) Im just saying if someones worthy of a reward/someone wants to do nice things for their significant other, they should! I believe and like that you two bring out the best in eachother.

and i just honestly dont think my Sir brought out the best in me, as sad as I am about the separation.

Just felt like telling you! hehe ;) Hope thats ok!

5:42 a.m.