October 30, 2013

Hurricane St Jude

Just a quick update on the hurricane which happened here in the UK on Monday.

We are all fine, no damage to our house/property, no injuries, not even much inconvenience to us in the end.

Sir worked from home that day as He wasn't sure how safe or easy it would be to get to work. He was up early to watch the storm and check it didn't pose any danger to us, but although there were some strong winds, it didn't seem as bad where we were as predicted, so we just sat and watched the winds blowing around through our patio doors.

Little Finn was very excited about the "hurryhane", but disappointed that nothing went "boom" as he was hoping. Poppy and William weren't too fussed, but annoyed that we had to stay in all day. A couple of trees fell down elsewhere in the village, blocking the roads and all the trains were cancelled for the whole day, but otherwise it was all fine.

i know that elsewhere in the country there were much worse problems, gas explosions, significant damage to houses, cars, railway lines, piers, etc. and 4 people were killed. i also know that in some places there were power cuts and flooding for quite some time. So we got off lightly.


mostly mouse said...

Thanks for the update, glad you're safe!

Finn sounds like a hoot.


11:57 p.m.
libby said...

Finn is great, if rather exhausting!


9:12 a.m.
mostly mouse said...

You haven't updated in a while and mouse is getting a bit worried. Hope things are going well for you.

Hugs and love,

1:08 a.m.